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Use your current data to teach AI from greeting the user to resolving complex queries



Use Chatbot to respond to customers on web, mobile or social networks in an automated manner -24x7



Be it an existing customer or a new - get more satisfied customers and more business.


Talkk Anywhere & Anytime

Our AI powered chatbot can talk to your customers 24x7 on Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Website, Mobile App & any other platform of your choice.

Automated AI to Human Chatbot Switching

Our technology detects that AI on chatbot has answered all the queries and it’s a good time to switch to a human agent for VAS upselling, feedback gathering or final sales process.


Learn and grow your business

Process and understand your conversions to understand what bot processes are working best, how you can improve a process and which human agent switching gives you the best results.

Centralized Customer + Business Intelligence

Get a dashboard to manage user journey on customer support & sales processes at one place, Measure direct impact on business demand and growth.


Major Events to Hot Leads

Never miss what’s important for the day, our AI + human tech can help flag major customer events to which leads are most important for that day. Now real time triggers and responses are possible with talkk.Ai


How talkkai helps human agents

  • check-icon.png Know your customers as soon as you see them on your panel
  • check-icon.pngGet more time to serve your customers with a personal touch
  • check-icon.pngMore free time from general repetitive queries

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